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With GDPR upon us it is going to get slightly more difficult to contact prospects and in some cases existing clients via email and phone.

We offer a Direct Mail print service.

Usually a post card A6 size or A5 size.

We can create artwork to showcase your brand and service
ready for print.

Supply us with your variable date file and we will personalise for each one of your prospective or existing clients and mail out to their address.

Print is becoming very popular again for target marketing
and this is one of the best ways to grab a prospects attention or generate interest on an offer or service.

Getting your band noticed in as may ways possible is crucial
with the heavily saturated market place that buyers face.

When it is time for a client to make a purchase you need to be at the top of the pile on their desk or pin board! Printed media can be a sure way of getting your business noticed, instead of another deleted email….


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